What is PlasmaPRO
Plasma Therapy is one of the latest and most excitng developments in facial aesthetic rejuvenation.
A cost-effective and highly-effective alternative to ablative resurfacing (laser or CO2 )
PlasmaPRO is a non-surgical procedure, which minimises some of the risks involved in more
invasive treatments, where skin can be burnt off or cut away.

The PlasmaPRO hand piece uses a small metal probe to ionise atmospheric gas and produce a
tiny plasma flash straight onto the skin. This minute, superficial, controlled trauma triggers the
body’s natural healing response, immediately causing the skin in its vicinity to tighten and lift,
giving an incredibly natural and youthful lift. The elasticity of the skin is improved and tightening
effect is made possible.

Treatable Areas

• Eyebags / Eyelids
• Lines & Wrinkles
• Moles, Warts & Skin Tags
• Lifting & Tightening
• Acne Scarring
• Stretch Marks & Scars
• Resurfacing / Rejuvenation


• Non-Surgical but with surgery-like results
• Quick & Easy procedure
• Tightens, Lifts & Firms the skin
• No thinning of the skin
• No pigmentation issues
• Permanent results
• Minimal side effects & far less downtime

Upper Eyelid £450.00

Lower Eyelid £300.00

Crows Feet £250.00

Brow Lift £200.00

Top Lip £400.00

Bottom Lip £250.00

Nose to Lip Line £350.00

Lower Lip to Chin Line £350.00

Neck Tightening £950.00

Skin Rejuvenation from £350.00

Skin Tags, Moles & Warts from £50.00

Scarring & Stretch Marks from £100.00

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