Spray Tanning £20.00

White to Brown
Combining the finest skincare ingredients, long lasting formulas and fresh fragrances. A natural golden glow to compliment all skin tones. Available in fair, medium or dark and rapid.

Allow 8 hours or overnight for the tan to develop before showering off the guide colour.

White to Brown Rapid can be washed off after 1 hour for a light tan, 3 hours for medium or 5 hours for dark. Great for a change of plan, unexpected night out or if you simply don’t have time to wait.

St Tropez Ultimate Air Spray Tan
A natural looking tan with thorough coverage. The colour develops along with your skin pigment, so your tan will always look natural. Allow 8 hours or overnight for the tan to develop before showering off the guide colour. Available in Original or Dark.

Tanning Advice
• A patch test must be carried out before your first tan with us
• Carry out hair removal 24hours before tanning
• Exfoliate and moisturise for a few days before your tan. We offer a range of pre-care products that work with your skin to ensure the best tan possible.
• On the day of your tan, don’t apply moisturisers or use moisturising shower gels
• Wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops to the appointment. Avoid exercise until guide colour is washed off
• Allow 8 hours for tan to develop (ideally overnight). For emergency tans allow 1,3 or 5 hours for the tan to develop
before showering, depending on colour desired, light, medium or dark. Pat your skin dry, do not rub.
• To maintain your tan it’s best to use the correct homecare products to prolong it’s life & allow an even breakdown, we offer a full range of White to Brown homecare.
• Under 16’s will require parent/guardian authorisation and present during the appointment

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